Monthly Archives: July 2012

Written by Innocent Basso

Nairobi, Kenya- July 17, 2012

Today I went meet with two of our focus groups in Kibera. The purpose of my visit was to give them the outline of the course of Entrepreneurship that will be offered when our program is launched. I presented the outline of the course which was a list of what will be covered on the subject and in what depth. What I realized, however, was that even the basic terms and ideas of entrepreneurship were unfamiliar to them. The session then changed into an introduction class to the idea of entrepreneurship and its terms.

Judging from their feedback, the session was very successful in familiarizing them with the idea of entrepreneurship. All of the members in both groups admitted, individually, to an increased interest in learning more about the subject. “I was very scared of the idea of entrepreneurship. I used to think it was something for the rich and clever people who know Maths” said Lucy, from the second focus group. Among other things, they were fascinated with the idea of social entrepreneurship which I shared with them. Mercy acknowledged that she had always wanted to do something that will benefit her society, but she never had thought that she could be able to do so and also get something for herself as well. Generally, all members were more interested in learning more ways to start and run their businesses, unlike how they blindly approached the market.

When the meeting ended, most of the members approached me individually to emphasize on their request that we should do another session to introduce the other two subjects, Professional Etiquette and Financial Literacy. We are looking forward to doing that along with the official launching of the entrepreneurship program in a few weeks.