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September 20, 2012

Our first wave of pilot testing ended on Tuesday the 18th with the holistic examination. Though changes and modifications need to be made, we are pleased with the initial results. Here are some highlights:

  • More than a 20 point gain in overall knowledge of entrepreneuership, financial management, and professional etiquette from 57% to 80%. The biggest gains are in professional etiquette, customer are, marketing, and human resources
  • 100% of them agree that the material is much more engaging , more applicable and relatable.
  • 32% of the students are getting job placements of their choice.
  • Peak time of system engagement: 5-8:30 AM and 6-10 PM- times at which physical classes do not convene.
  • There is no significant disparity in performance between the two genders. However, females tend to score higher in professional etiquette and customer care while males tend to score higher on questions about strategies and operations.

You can find the results in their entirety on our website tomorrow.

We will continue to monitor and follow up with the job performance and prospects of our students for the next year.  The course content will also be analyzed as we continue our talks and holistic evaluation with our graduates.

Our second wave of 235 students is currently in the progress of taking the course and will be taking the holistic examination in mid-October.

If you have any questions, please email Evanna at


Our field director, Leah Asego, was recognized this morning for her work in Child-Friendly Schools by the Vice President of Kenya during the 8th KEPSHA Award Ceremony in Mombasa, Kenya. Congratulations! We are superproud to have her on the g.Maarifa team.


(Picture Courtesy of Cathy Asego)