Monthly Archives: January 2013

We are officially launching our new website ( and our born-again blog! Definitely check both out There are still some small tweaks that need to be adjusted, but overall, we are enthralled by how the website turned out. Special shoutout to our guru designer, Youn! And as for the blog, it’s managed primarily by Evanna,

A lot of you have asked us about our .org website. It still works and forwards to, but we are planning on phasing that domain out for the next few months. The reason behind this transition is worthy of a blog post as it is tied with social enterprises and the for-profit v. impact debate.

With the launch of the new website, we have also revamped the blog- not only its appearance but also its purpose. We hope to achieve two main goals with the blog: 1) to update you on the latest from g.Maarifa, and most importantly 2) to offer insights on the latest in the industry. We will update the blog biweekly and with frequent guest posts by influentials in the field. In startup lingo, we will be using this blog as a vehicle for thought leadership and content development. We are definitely not complaining- we are both very opinionated and would love to engage in lively conversations with our viewers and supporters. The more you challenge our views, the more we learn and the more we are able to step in other people’s shoes.

And as always, we are always accessible for opinions, (constructive) criticism, questions, requests, etc. We promise to get back to you within 5 days (unless we are both traveling to places where the power is off more than on):