Lessons learned

August 30, 2012

Written by Evanna

The ambition and level of dedication of g.Maarifa youths never cease to impress me. On Tuesday, we went back to one of the pilot testing sites since it was the midway point of our testing. They like the content and the technology, although they did point out some bugs that we have been battling but are now fixed. They said that the are engrossed by the content because all the case studies made the units read more like a story than instructions. But mostly, they were eager to continue with the course so that they can start looking for jobs.

Many are devoting 2-3 hours everyday on the course material, quizzing each other on the content outside the unit quizzes they are given, and practicing the skills taught to them in our professional etiquette units. They are wondering if we have courses that will deepen their knowledge in areas such as accounting, journalism, and hospitality. Their thirst for hard-to-access information is enormous and their dedication to learn the hard-to-access information is mind blowing.

These youths are unemployed not because they are not willing to work hard or because they are uneducated. On the contrary, they are working hard everyday to scrape together enough money for them and their family members. They just do not have enough opportunities. We seek to change that. We want to give them the opportunities to prove their talent and potential and open new doors for them. That is the mission of g.Maarifa.