We are excited to welcome some new additions to our g.Maarifa family, or g.Team, as developer Vincent has started calling us!


Firstly, Elizabeth Lyons will be joining us from Toronto, Canada. She is a PhD candidate in Strategic Management at the University of Toronto Rotman’s School of Business, having already completed her thesis. Her research focuses broadly on the intersection of technology and innovation, economic development, and behavioral economics, with labor and entrepreneurship as common underlying themes. Elizabeth’s research has been presented at a variety of institutions including the National Bureau of Economic Research, Northwestern University, and ESADE Business School. Elizabeth is excited to be working with g.Maarifa on developing a better understanding of digital education in the developing world and spearheading our monitoring and evaluation effort to more effectively serve our clients and end users. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys watching ice hockey, reading, and going for jogs with her Miniature Schnauzer.

Secondly, we have six MIT Sloan School of Business students joining us for the next 6 months: Alanna Hughes, Amy Wang, Laura Diamond, Maria Angelica Posada Rendon, Piya Radia, and Rowland Graus. They will be helping us on strategic positioning in the market and with our expansion to the MENA region.

So karibu everyone! We are super stoked to work with you!