Sub-Saharan Africa

We have grown tremendously in the past couple of months in East Africa. From gaining more clients to appearing in various media to qualifying to pitch at the Dublin Web Summit, g.Maarifa is on track to make more impact in human capital development. We have scaled our technology to include mobile web, accessible on any feature phones, in our portfolio as we continue to provide richer learning experiences under heavy technological restraints. All in all, our operations in East Africa have stabilized and will continue its projectory growth under the leadership of the new East Africa Director, Vincent Maraba. Vincent has been with g.Maarifa since our early days and has been instrumental in building and facilitating our product with our initial clients. We are excited for his advancement within the organization and believe that he’s got what it takes to keep the East Africa office rocking.

And now: the biggest news of all: We are expanding to the Middle East/ North Africa (MENA) region next month! After months of due diligence, discussions, and trips on the ground, we have made the decision to penetrate the region starting December 1, 2013. Specialty-wise, we will be honing on youth entrepreneurship/ empowerment. The MENA region has the highest youth unemployment rate- up to 60%- and a volatile and vulnerable but majority youth population (think Arab Spring). Yet, because of the security situation, especially in North Africa and the Levant, in-person training and education programs are risky and scarce. We are excited to work with various corporations, NGOs, and government agencies, on training the next generation remotely so that youths’ potential are not squandered and hindered by external factors. Our CEO, Evanna, will be based out of Amman starting in late November to oversee the expansion.

A formal launch will be upcoming, but for now, we are putting all of our energy and resources into settling into Amman and making sure that our pilot testing with our initial clients go smoothly. Stay tuned as we keep on conquering new lands and space! And as always, we are grateful for your support as we plunge into a new adventure!


One of the most frequent answers we receive about g.Maarifa is about the mLearning market. Mobile anything is hot right now in public, civil, and private sectors. Mobile education is no exception. Along with mHealth, it is the hottest of the hot trends. Yet because it is an emerging sector, not a lot of research has been done on it. How many mLearning initiatives are there? Who are they? Who are they targeting? Are they effective?

We decided to focus specifically on the mobile adult continuing education niche. This means both workplace training and uninstitutionalized learning, such as getting educated on maternal health issues and basic financial literacy if you are a borrower. Furthermore, our geographic focus is Middle East and Africa as we have on the ground experience in these two regions and want to be as authentic as possible.

So without further ado, here it is: (click here for infographic).

We also have a database of all the mLearning companies. If you are interested, please drop us a note at and we will be happy to send it to you!